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With the E-Herald you can navigate an exact replica of our print edition without ever leaving the comforts of home. This allows you to flip through pages, skim headlines, view articles, ads and do everything you would with an actual print copy plus a few added features.
We at The Durango Herald are looking to enhance our customer’s news reading experience so we added some really awesome stuff:
  • Direct page navigation,
  • publication archive look up, and
  • the ability to email articles to friends and family....are just a few!
With the E-Herald not only can you stay connected to the community, you can also let everyone you know connect to you and your community. It also is a great way to stay in the know whenever you leave for vacations and business trips.
So come on in! What are you waiting for?

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The e-Herald is FREE with a 7 day a week subscription to the Durango Herald Print edition!

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Check us out. It’s easy and convenient.
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